I’m sure you’ve seen them somewhere, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest. The very popular hashtags #fbf and  #tbt (Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday) have become some of the many popular hashtags users are using these days. There is a lot of power in nostalgia, and these little tools put that power right in your hands.

Unfortunately for some users, the hashtag is not used as well as it could be, which is why I’m here to teach you about ways you can use it effectively in your marketing strategy. It is important to make sure when used that it relates to your business in some way and at the same time is nostalgic, so basically throwing it back 3-20+ years.

Some rules for your #fbf and #tbts?

Must be the following:

  • Something in the past- 3+ years
  • Relevant to your audience, so ask yourself what that is
  • Fun! Have fun with this, PLEASE. That’s one of the main points of these. Be fun, be appealing, and don’t be afraid to show a picture of your boss when he was 20. For real.
  • Shareable- will people want to share whatever you’ve posted?

Some things you should avoid:

  • Boring things. For us at Plan Left, that could mean throwing back to the office décor from two years ago.
  • Irrelevant things. No one cares about the ice cream cone you bought four years ago.

Some examples of GREAT #fbf and #tbts

#TBT “Flexin’… I’m just flexin’.

A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

Ok, JT, enough already.

Here’s Joe Manganiello and Channing Tatum with some #fbf fun:

Good times in Toronto with Channing Tatum on the first Magic Mike tour. Can’t wait to hit the circuit for #MagicMikeXXL this summer! #FBF

Posted by Joe Manganiello on Friday, April 3, 2015

I mean, I’ll probably go see it.

Or this one…

Because what Southern girl doesn’t love a John Deere tractor.. #TBT

A photo posted by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

A true Southern gal.

Anyway, you get my point.  Now, are you ready to start sharing your #fbf and #tbts? Perhaps your first step is gathering some old photos of your company’s first office space, or maybe an old photo of your CEO. If you’re not quite ready to start this year, try sharing someone else’s #tbt post you really liked! Sharing is caring, you know.

Once you’ve mastered the #tbt, there are several other  fun hashtags you can try using (#MusicMonday), #Caturday (yes, it’s a thing), and so on and so forth. We want to see your hashtags!

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