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The landing page is your most important tool for converting visitors to leads and leads to customers. If you don’t get it right, you may not get another chance. Whether directing traffic from a PPC campaign or from a CTA on your homepage, you need a killer landing page to seal the deal. So, how do you get that killer landing page? You’ll need a few important components. Let’s take a look.


As with any other page on your website, the landing page must have identifying factors. No matter how your customers get to your landing page, the need to know exactly where they ended up. The marketer in me wants you to keep that brand visible at all times. The paranoid shopper in me says there are too many con artists out there who could trick buyers into just about anything. Other paranoid shoppers—or, we could just call them savvy—might be wary of the same thing. Don’t give them room to doubt.

Headline and Subheading

Why are those potential buyers there on your landing page? The headline should tell them exactly what’s going on. Did they click to receive a major discount? Are you introducing a new product for a limited time? Whatever your offer, make it clear in your headline.

Make sure you use some pretty compelling words, too. Now, free, you, perfect… You know the words that make you stop and stare for a moment, right? That’s what you should focus on for your headline. You can always clarify in the subheading.

Contact Form

This is actually the most important component of your landing page, but it can’t look that way to the buyer. In fact, the less you ask for on your contact form, the more likely those buyers will be to fill it out.

There are a lot of articles proving that asking for a phone number is pretty much the death of a contact form. You’re better off asking for name and email address. If you need more information, let those visitors know exactly why.

Snappy Copy

You may feel the need to wax poetic about your products or the special offer, but don’t. With ever-decreasing attention spans, it doesn’t take long to bore a potential customer. Keep it short, simple, snappy, and on point. Tell buyers what they’ll get and why they want it. Then direct them to the contact form and drop the mic.

Social Proof

Some might say that social proof has no place on a landing page, but I say “Where else would you put it?” This is the one chance you get. You’ve given everything you have to convince buyers to go for it—to fill out the form and get their reward. Now, you have to rely on previous customers. Use whatever you can, whether it’s testimonials, a Facebook comment feed, or current reviews on the product in question.

As always, we’re here to help you create compelling and powerful landing pages the convert. If you need help with your next ecommerce campaign, reach out. We’ll be waiting.

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