Well, well. If 2014 isn’t coming to an end. While you may be sad or maybe even reminiscing of the wonderful times you had, I have been very busy thinking of the greatest marketing tweets from this year. If you’re on Twitter—or use the Internet at all—I’m sure you have seen at least one of these hilarious tweets somewhere on the World Wide Web. They’re each brilliant in their own special way. Mostly, though, they just made me laugh.

Now, are you ready to check them out? Blast off!

Waffle House During the World Cup

This waffle chain went all out for the World Cup with this tweet—both to support the USA and to shun Belgium’s waffles—and we must say that this is a great way to do it. Who doesn’t want to represent the USA with their morning waffles? This is an example of great and creative marketing for Waffle House and the World Cup: using their product to represent an international event.

Snickers During the World Cup

Ah, yes. That time Luis Suarez bit another player during the World Cup. Marketers were just waiting with bated breath, I am sure, for something like this to happen. Several food industry folk used this to poke fun at the incident, Snickers being one of the funniest. Also, this tweet received a total of 15 million impressions within seconds, so there’s that.

#BendGate for iPhone 6

Remember the time when the iPhone 6 had this cool feature where it would bend? So neat. While we love our Apple products, this was a major faux pas. However, several hilarious tweets went out to poke some fun at the issue. Fat Tire was one of our favorites, because beer. Who knew a can would bend in your pocket? See below.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Selfie During the Grammys

We are sure that if you didn’t know what a selfie was before this tweet was sent out, you do now. This was a promo for Samsung, believe it or not. Not super great marketing on Samsung’s part, since no one really realized there was marketing involved at all, but the tweet still went viral for several reasons. One being that it didn’t feel “promotional” and two because of the random assortment of celebs that made an appearance. J. Law AND Meryl Streep?! So random, yet so amazing.

DiGiorno during the SuperBowl

This one was hilarious. DiGiorno’s tweets during the SuperBowl were more exciting than the actual SuperBowl, believe it or not. They even created their own hashtag: #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT. Brilliant. The thing I like about DiGiorno’s tweets during this event was that they weren’t exactly promotional as they mentioned pizza but didn’t push their products shamelessly.

These five tweets are some of my favorites from this year. I appreciate that these brands were able to be “promotional” without having to straight up sell their products, and they were so memorable that they made it to my top five! So thank you Waffle House, Snickers, Fat Tire, Ellen GeDeneres (and Samsung, I guess), and DiGiorno for your brilliant real-time marketing tweets and humor. We are #blessed.

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