Marketing can get a little frustrating, especially if you’re not pulling in the numbers of leads you’d hoped for. The truth is that some of your techniques and tactics require time, especially if you want consistent results. There really are no overnight successes with inbound marketing. You can, however, put some efforts forward to get a bit of movement from your prospects. All you have to do is provide something that makes them want to move. What, you ask? Here are some ideas.

In-Depth Answers

Offering an ebook or white paper is one of the most popular ways to gather leads, as you can provide these answers in exchange for contact information. Those who download your offer tell you several things: first, that they’re interested in what you’re selling; second, that they hope to find answers to their burning questions (which gives you an idea of their interest level); and third, you have some inkling that those prospects are considering a purchase.

Just keep in mind that many companies offer ebooks and white papers as a method for collecting contact information. If you want to make a difference, to really catch your buyers’ eyes, then you need to make sure the answers you provide are in depth and vital. If you just churn out ebooks without substance, your customers will stop trusting you.

Traffic Drivers

Sometimes to get leads, you need to first get traffic. That means you may need to post some pieces to your blog that you’d normally steer clear of. First, there’s the collection of referrals. People often avoid posting this type of information because it puts their competitors in the spotlight. Most consumers, however, will appreciate you for providing the information so that they can find it all in one spot. Also, they give a lot of credit to a company that will mention its competitors. Obviously, you’re secure enough in your products and services, right?

A silly quiz or generator is another way to get people on your page. You’ve probably seen similar items on Buzzfeed, right? If you can come up with a quiz that fits your company, then you’re more likely to get higher leads. Without this connection, your quizzes and generators can be anything from “Which Celebrity Should You Marry?” to “Holiday Elf Name Generator.”


Tutorials are always a great idea, but this is another piece of content that is often overdone. If you want to make sure people get the answers they really need. An in-depth help video is the best way to answer questions buyers have before they hand over their hard-earned cash. Step-by-step instructions with images, explanations, and even slow-motion movement through the important steps are much more valuable to consumers than a quick overview video. That’s the type of video people will stop to watch all the way through.

If you want to make sure you walk away with leads from these offers, you have to ask for something in return. Whether these consumers provide their contact information or simply share your offer with others on their social media accounts, the outcome is the same: you learn who, exactly, is engaging with your company.

Now, this type of lead generation content does take additional time to create and distribute. If you need additional help or just hope to get some ideas, we’re here for you.

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