3 Reasons to Pretend Google Authorship Never Left

Ever been at a party where the guest of honor ducked out early without warning? That’s kind of what happened a few days ago when Google Authorship was unceremoniously dumped. Sure, if we’d all been paying attention instead of jostling each other at the hors d’oeuvres table over the last crab puff, we might have noticed it hanging around the exit, waiting for a chance to bolt when no one was watching.

What happens when the most popular person at the party disappears, anyway? Does everyone give up and go home or do they keep on dancing the night away like nothing ever happened? We don’t know what parties you’re going to, but our party never stops. Stop worrying about what happened to Google Authorship and keep on living like it’s still around. Why? Here are some pretty compelling reasons:

Maintain Trust

Why do you even use your name on your business blog to begin with? You want your readers to recognize you and your authority on the subject, right? Just because Google won’t use your name to turn up blogs in searches doesn’t mean you should switch back to a generic admin name.

If your readers have been attending your party for a while, they’ll be glad to see you’re still around. Don’t pull the secret exit on them, too.

Build Credibility

Maybe your authorship won’t help you gain better ranking results on Google anymore, but you will still benefit from placing your name as author on your work. Those readers who trust you want to know what you have to say on your given subject, and the more you say, the more credible you become.

If you’re more worried about building Internet notoriety than you are about providing credible information, then your work will all exit the party with Google Authorship. It’s just that simple.

Provide Relevant Information

One thing Google has never eliminated is the need for relevant information. In fact, every update they introduce focuses more and more on relevance. That’s why Author Rank is still very much present at this party. Matt Cutts recently said, “So we are trying to figure out who are the authorities in the individual little topic areas and then how do we make sure those sites show up, for medical, or shopping or travel or any one of thousands of other topics. That is to be done algorithmically not by humans … So page rank is sort of this global importance.”

In other words, Google wants to focus on who’s providing relevant information rather than giving a stage to everyone who wants to publish…ever. Keep being relevant, and you’ll reap the rewards.

So, keep on partying. Post those blogs and make sure you’re listed as the author. Maybe you won’t show up in Google searches in the same way anymore, but you could still rank. Just remember relevance, trust, and credibility.


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