Do you ever get invited to conferences or networking events?  If so, you should probably start going. If not, you should probably find some to attend. Why, you ask?

1) Opportunities Can Blossom

It’s true, y’all. The more people you meet, the more there is a possibility for opportunities, whether that is a new career, new friend, new client, or new volunteer opportunities. Now be careful with these events; sometimes you find someone trying to sell you something. However, there is nothing wrong with chatting about your work and how you could help each other with business.

2) It’s good for you

Networking is not only good for said opportunities, but it’s a great way to exercise your social skills. Going to networking events will help you get even better at talking to anyone. It’s also great because you get to talk to people that are in different industries than you. You can learn about the challenges and exciting things in various industries, and that is gold. Hello, well-rounded person.

3) You have to network

The whole point of going to these events is for one reason: to network. And that’s it. Meet people; make new friends. No standing in the corner and watching the world pass you by.

4) Expanding Your Network

You can never know enough people, in my humble opinion. You never know what can come about those relationships, whether that is a new job down the road, a partnership/sponsorship, or even a hot date (just kidding!).

5) Motivation

There is nothing better than that feeling you get when you are talking to someone about a business topic or trend and you leave feeling so excited about your personal next steps. You can learn a lot from other people in and outside of your industry, so it’s fun to see what tools they use, ideas they have, and inspiring stories to get you going.

6) Staying Up to Date

Staying up to date with the current trends is always important in this day and age. In a room full of people across various industries, you’re going to hear a lot of what’s going on in the industry and what they’ve been up to. That’s a free learning experience, and everyone likes free stuff.

Did I convince you? I hope so. Networking is so important and is crucial if you’re looking to stretch yourself as a person and grow in your career. If you happen to be in the Middle Tennessee area, we’ve got the perfect event to send you to. And it’s free! Say what? It’s called 6 Degrees, and it’s pretty much the most fun. You will meet someone cool, I promise.

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