We Grow Business

What does it mean?  

Plan Left is a new type of ad firm.  Our focus is to grow your business through coordinated efforts from all advertising specialties. We don’t just do websites, designs, or facebook posts. We’re not a collective or a traditional advertising giant, nor are we a webshop or software firm. We are all of them combined. We keep everything in-house, because it saves you money and produces better results. Each of our departments is like its own firm, run by its own processes and priorities and specialized for its purpose.  We coordinate software engineers with SEO nerds, designers with account managers, and work towards a common goal.  
At Plan Left, we bring brilliant specialists together under one roof and work on advertising campaigns.
Every conversation starts with advertising. Research about your market, business, and workflows are performed for every single project. Our approach means you’ll get a better website, a cleaner design, and a more relevant Facebook post. Our objective is not about selling services and products. It is not only to be an ad firm or digital marketing experts. Our goal is to be the best firm in the industry, because that is kind of partner you need to grow your business. 

Fully integrated services.

Creating a successful brand presence is the work of several specialists and should be coordinated carefully by hybrid people who understand the roles and functions of those specialists. A website is not just an online advertisement or professional obligation. It is a tool to convert prospects and earn you more money.  Brand messages must be consistent from social media and SEO so that all aspects of interactive and inbound marketing are working as part of your sales funnel, driving people into, and guiding them through, the process of conversion. Growing a business requires coordination, effort, and time. When we start our business development process, we bring the people who know what to do so that you get the best experience and results.  

An in-house approach. 

We keep services in-house. It’s a not easy, and that’s why the other marketing companies out there don’t. But our philosophy is that clients come first.  That means that to meet our prime directive, your interests come before ours.  
We keep costs down by employing, cross-training, and fully committing to each department as an internal workforce. Marketing firms that outsource their technology produce inconsistent costs and results for their clients. Technology firms that claim to also “do” design aren’t going to have stunning, cutting-edge creative assets, because they don’t have the bandwidth to handle it. A design house with a lot of “great development partners” is a great way to blow a budget through the roof. This is why we have organized Plan Left into departments. Each department is viewed as its own agency within our walls, and no department can exist without the other. The Technology Department are software engineers. Creative has photography, merchandising, brand standards, and traditional design.  Interactive Marketing specialists know how to get your SEO and Social Media coordinated and also handle traditional PR and Reputation Management, on- and offline. Last but not least, our Business Development Professionals are business growth specialists that champion your interests, set campaign goals, and act as your liaison, advocate, technical translator, and (maybe) occasional golf buddy.  

What makes us different.

We do what we say we’re going to do. This simple fact quickly sets us apart from most of our industry peers. A standard of transparency and open communication is meant to make you feel at ease without sacrificing integrity of work.  
We’ve carefully built teams of intelligent, hardworking individuals to make sure every deliverable you receive from Plan Left will be part of a brand package. Staff are cross-trained to understand each other’s languages, personalities, and specialties.  
When an agency unifies its efforts, you get unified results.  
We strive to be better than the rest. We put people first while maintaining a creative and fun environment. This is what makes us different, and we hope that you’ll give us a chance to show you what we mean.