Maybe you already understand the power of gamification and have implemented a rewards program for your most loyal customers. You’ve probably seen your sales numbers—especially those from return customers—soar through roof. Telling you that gamification could change your business would be like telling you the sky is blue.

But maybe… Maybe you’re missing a huge chance to improve your business with gamification. You’ve made customers happy, but who else matters? Your employees. Happy employees make for even happier customers. Have you considered how gamification could absolutely transform your brand? Let’s take a look.

Point of Pride

Maybe you think a paycheck should be reward enough for your employees to show up and do their job every day. What if your employees aren’t motivated by money, though? While a living wage is necessary for survival, it’s not always what prompts workers to give their all. In fact, many will give just enough to earn that check.

When you begin recognizing your team members’ contributions, you give those employees a reason to try harder every day. Whether they’re prompted by competition between the rest of the team or just like to know their contributions have been noticed, the application of gamification will give them the validation they crave.

Increased Productivity

When those employees who seek validation reach their goals, they can’t stop there. Without more tasks, they lose the chance to be recognized. Whether they continue to work ahead or ask for additional tasks, the point is that more work gets done in a fraction of the time.

Increased productivity can only help your bottom line. You may have to give additional attention to your gamification model to make sure your employees are all rewarded in a timely manner, but that time will seem like nothing compared to the time you’ve gained due to the additional work your employees are doing every day.

Better Quality

When employees know their work is being judged at all times, they’re going to put their best attempts out there. If your rewards are based on speed and productivity, you may not be pleased with the quality of the work turned in. By providing rewards for a job well done, you’ll see employees striving to turn in their best possible work in the fastest times possible.

Better quality means fewer mistakes, which also means less time needed to fix those mistakes. And all of that means a better bottom line. Who wins? Everyone. You, the employee, and your customers.

Sense of Camaraderie

Believe it or not, by pitting your employees against each other, you’ll help to foster better relationships with them. While they’re busy egging each other on and trash talking, they’ll also learn to work together to boost their own numbers. As with any competition, a team spirit will eventually emerge.

Not only will your employees begin to develop stronger ties, but you’ll also build stronger relationships as their leader. When you’re the one passing out the prizes, they’ll look to you for guidance, advice, and leadership. The end result is a tight team that works together for the love of their job—and maybe a few prizes here and there.

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