Unlimited Partnerships

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Linked to all Social Media Outlets 
  • Email Marketing Plan 
  • Social Presence Review, Consolidation, and Implementation
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Unlimited Partnerships - Plan Left
  • Unlimited Partnerships - Plan Left
  • Unlimited Partnerships - Plan Left

Who They Are

Unlimited Partnerships is an organization that helps churches to strengthen their leadership, and to organize their outreach efforts and ministries.

What They Needed

UP had many branding inconsistencies throughout their online presence, including an inconsistent brand image that showed their real mission.  Their goal was to unify their presence, and communicate more clearly what it is that they do, and to update the imagery to make them look more 'current'. 

How We Helped

We went into their current infrastructure at unlimitedpartnerships.org and made many updates on the front end to give it a better look and offer greater ease for the user experience.  We also consulted with the organization on many layout and navigation changes that helped make the user interface more understandable, and offered a better understanding of what they do.  Now that this is implemented, they are able to better engage their audience with imagery consistent with their current images and message.  

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