Travel and Tourism

Custom travel marketing to take you places you've never been.

Showcase Your Hospitality 

If your business is centered around travel and/or tourism, you may need some extra features in your digital marketing. People who visit your website or search for your services are most likely in an excited-for-vacay frame of mind, but they still have expectations. Your marketing should be picture-perfect and represent exactly what you can do.

What should you be focusing on?

  • Beauty and Graphics

Nothing is more important in the tourism industry than beautiful images of idyllic places. It’s the fodder of daydreams for tired working people, honeymooners, and jet-setting retirees. Your sales often hinge on the right person coming across an image that really hits them in the feels and makes them utter dreamily, “I want to go to there.” Your graphics need to be flawless. We can help you truly show off what you are trying to sell with beautiful graphics and images.

  • Social Media

We’d guess more than half of Pinterest users have a board titled “Bucket List Travel” or “Dream Vacations”. On Facebook, people love to share their vacation pics. And Instagram was designed for those beautiful travel photos. When people see other users’ vacation pics, they often mentally place themselves in those photos. You want your business to be part of that, which means you need to be present and active on social media. A good marketing campaign will allow you to connect your website to the outlets where you can reach the right people.

  • SEO

There’s a whole slew of businesses that specialize in travel and tourism. What makes you stand out? Once you figure that out, you need to incorporate it in your SEO. If your website and content are too generic, they’ll get lost among the other generic tourism websites on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Narrow down your specialties, use those in your digital marketing, and your site will come up much higher on the results page. We can help you insert keywords in just the right places and in the best proportion.

In a saturated industry like travel and tourism, you already know how important it is to have top-notch marketing. Plan Left specializes in helping businesses like yours perform to their full potential.