Training and Support

At Plan Left, we understand that not everyone in the world possesses the web savvy wizardry that we do. After we launch your website, we won’t leave you to flounder in the aftermath of our development.

Plan Left offers many services—from mobile app development to ecommerce development—our goal is to cover all the possible needs of your marketing plan.

Each of these services requires our clients to use a specific piece of software. The Plan Left team develops that software with the client in mind—meaning we don’t just make something that can be used and understood by the client. This client-friendly software makes adding, editing, and removing content easy.

  • Do you need to upload an Excel list into your CRM (Client Resource Management) that Plan Left developed? No problem.
  • Do you want to add a new line of V-necks specifically for Seattle coffee shop goers to your store for the spring? Sure. Oh, you want to put the skinny jeans on sale now? We’ve got it.

All clients have autonomy and control over how their sites and products develop over time. It’s our job to provide the product, the training, and the ongoing support to ensure that you can get exactly what you need to make your site a functional part of growing your business.

Our most standard offering is a hosting and support package. This guarantees that any technical issues that arise are handled by our team on a first-priority basis.

Of course, we’ll always be here to help, but you shouldn’t have to rely on us all the time. That’s why we also offer training for every element of your new website. We’ll walk you through making your own updates to pages, adding new pages, posting your blogs, uploading images, and anything else you need. If you mess up or get stuck, no big deal. We’ll swoop right back in to save the day—like superheroes, but geekier.

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