Tiger King MMA

  • Customized Slideshow
  • Created Custom Graphics
  • Customized Online Feeds for Events, Teams, and Programs 
  • Custom Video and Sponsors Galleries
  • Class Schedule Calendar
  • ECommerce Store
  • Custom Display for Team Members and Implemented Fighting Programs 
  • Service
  • tigerkingmma.com
  • tigerkingmma.com
  • tigerkingmma.com

Who they are

Tiger King MMA is a mixed martial arts academy. They put a huge emphasis on staying true to the roots of Muay Thai while incorporating varied fighting styles into their training as well. A well rounded, authentic experience is what Tiger King hopes to achieve for every fighter that walks through their door. 

What they needed

Tiger King MMA needed an interactive site that would allow their current and future students to keep track of classes and training schedules. They needed a custom gallery to highlight their sponsors and team members. An ECommerce store was a big focus so new students could purchase the gear needed for classes. 

How we helped

We provided a visually interactive site that incorporated all that Tiger King MMA is about: offering varied training schedules and styles while staying true to the roots of martial arts fighting. We gave them a customized slideshow to highlight the gym atmosphere created a online class schedule so students could stay current with their classes. The team members got a custom display to individualize each person and what they do for the gym. 

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