Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes

  • Customized Development of Drupal Site 
  • Custom Auto Adjusting Slideshow* 
  • Custom Restaurant Menu Design 
  • Custom Events Calendar with Events Pages and Feeds 
  • Custom Special Features
  • Custom Photo and Website Slideshow Gallery 
  • Ongoing Site Management 
  • Service

Who they are

Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes originated in Chapel Hill, NC but have expanded their brand to Nashville, TN. It was founded on the belief that every customer should be treated as family. Red Bicycle focus on serving quality products and nurturing their customer relationships. 

What they needed

Red Bicycle needed a website that would hightlight their differences from other coffee shops. They needed a custom menu design and ongoing events calendar to keep their customers current on the goings on in the shop. A music schedule was needed so that interested customers could know when to come in a listen to their favorite artists. 

How we helped

We gave them custom photography to feature the quality of their products and built them a CMS support package that allows for growth and quick changes. They have live feeds streaming from their social media sites to better connect to their audience. We also gave them an updatable calendar to highlight the artists that will be playing any day of the week. 

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