Rarespark Media Group

  • Tailored Custom Drupal Development toward user experience
  • Custom Slideshow with Outgoing Links 
  • Maintained a buget conscious vision and reduced final cost
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Generated content management resource for non-technical administration of on-going site maintenance.
  • Customized Artist Media Gallery for client-generated video and photos. 
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Rarespark Home Page
  • Rarespark Interior Page
  • Rarespark Interior Page

Who they are

Rarespark Media Group is a Nashville, TN media and entertainment company.  They have a strong catalogue of music ranging multiple artists and generes. 

What they needed

Rarespark's needs are to exceed the industry standards set in place by their industry peers and colleagues.  They have unique requirements not only for the presentation of their own artists and making sure they remain a strong competitor in the industry, but for the ongoing use of their site and management of their content curation. 

How we helped

Our solution for the content management system was to create a custom platform for all their media uploads and tools.  The integration of this resource extended the client's ability adjust images at will, so the final page carries the appeal of their standards with self-attained efficiency and ease. We maintain continued technical support. 

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