Partners for Pediatric Progress

  • Customized Drupal platform 
  • Ongoing support of Management systems 
  • Tailored a Budget conscious plan to offer final product at lower cost 
  • Provided resources for client implemented onsite maintenance 
  • Generated effective local campaign management tools for on-going media promotions.
  • As a non-profit under the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, our affiliation with this project has made us an approved and accredited vendor on the UCLA vendor list.
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  • Partners for Pediatric Progress Interior Page

Who they are

Partners for Pediatric Progress is a non-profit that creates and maintains medical education partnerships that will have a sustainable, positive impact on the health and care of children in resource poor regions around the globe. They provide focused training for the health care providers based in partner countries in the hopes that these areas will become for sustainable with their healthcare practioner. 

What they needed

Partners for Peds needed an original website drupal site that would promote their mission and expand with their media updates. They needed campaign marketing tools that would help with their ongoing media promotions. 

How we helped

With the consolidation of resources, we were able to provide a website that can easily integrate and be extendable for future growth in the markets of social media and online promotions for this non-profit.  We gave them easier usability and interactive links to allow for donations and postings of ongoing promotions.  We provide ongoing site maintenance and suppor for this non-profit.


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