MTSU COMS Program Custom Application Development

  • This project was a nerd-tastic dream.
  • Real Time Environmental Monitoring via custom BASH Scripting, while integrating Ganglia, Trac and other industry standard technologies.
  • One of our favorite features: BASH Powered Dynamic HTML pages. It just doesn't get much more secure than that!
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  • MTSU COMS Monitoring
  • MTSU COMS Monitoring

Who they are

The Middle Tennessee State University Computational Science Program produces high caliber researchers from a diverse range of fields.  They routinely tackle problems requiring both raw horse-power and finesse.

What they needed

The program director asked for an environmental monitoring web application where they could get all of their data-center's information in real time. In consultation with the on-site staff, we went one step further and integrated their existing system-level monitoring infrastructure to produce a unique "One Stop Shop". From CPU Temperatures to Bandwidth usage per node to User and Job/Processes tracking- this is a full overview of their network and it's metrics.

The objective was to have one place where all admistrators and faculty could find everything they needed at a glance.

How we helped

Working with the Head HPC (High Performance Computing) Systems Administrator we designed and implemented a low footprint, highly optimized custom application. In the development of this site we not only leveraged our experience, but allowed these highly specialized clients to cooperate in developing some of the server-side applications. Security and usability were our first concern.  Special care was given to a clean aesthetic and quick access to the most relevent information so that any level of Faculty or Administration could utilize the application successfully.  We ended up utilizing Arduino microcontrollers for the temperature sensors, Ganglia system monitoring, Trac for issue tracking, ntop for networking metrics and a whole suite of dynamically generated sites created from a series of Shell scripts depending on the current conditions. This was beyond unique.

So that sounds cool... but... What???

They needed a dashboard to see what was going on with the servers.  Working with their highly talented staff, we made something so custom that even the Super Nerds drool.  Everything anyone could ask for is there.  Be impressed.



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