Media Buying

Media buying is not a one-size-fits-all kind of game. Marketing campaigns involving media buying can differ in cost depending on location, type of advertising, and business sector, to name a few.

Identity is Everything

Media buying involves researching, creating, implementing, and managing the entire media placement process. The first step is to identify your audience and the details of your brand identity.

We’ll need to answer several questions to establish your identity. We’ll look for ideas around concepts like:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they respond to?
  • What is their greatest form of media intake?

Once you’ve averted an identity crisis, you need to start building brilliant campaign messages.  No one responds to well-placed ads if they don’t look good.

Telling the Story of Your Brand

To tell your brand story, you’ll need artists posing as advertisers.

A brand’s identity is created through great marketing and introduced through great advertising. In the half art/half science creature that we call Media Buying, this story is told with brilliant design. It’s the psychological expertise of creating message through an image and some copywrite that will relate to people, and call them to action.  This is where our creative minds shine.

Placing your Media

Once the framework is in place, many businesses struggle with reaching out to their target audience. The multiple outreach options can leave businesses overwhelmed and confused about the most effective ways to reach their demographic. You can build billboards and post on flying blimps; you can craft television spots or place commercials in Spotify, Pandora, or Youtube commercials. Where should you even start?

Effective media buying requires research, industry expertise, media channel contacts, and experience. Audiences should be targeted with tools like demographics, geographics, and psychographics. Great media buyers use the same empathy that great creatives use to get into the minds and lives of your targets, and integrate into their daily lives.

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