Joshua and the Bandits

  • Custom Artist-Themed Media Gallery
  • Music Player Integrated with Soundcloud
  • Completely Linked and Synced with all Social Media
  • Slideshow with Custom Graphics and Links
  • Linked for Online Sales
  • Extendable for Future Growth and eCommerce 
  • Complete Drupal Business Class Platform 
  • Entertainment and Media

Who they are

Joshua and the Bandits are a Nashville based folk and americana soul band.

What they needed

They needed a website that served to meet all the standard needs a band might have.  

How we helped

We gave a full face-lift, re-branding and styling it to meet industry standards, while offering a totally upgradable and extendable framework that allows for the band to sell tickets and merchandise, integrate even more with social media, have downloadable and shareable media for fans. 

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