Interactive Systems

  • Custom Support Package  
  • Custom Hosting Package 
  • Optimized Graphics 
  • Custom Slideshow Graphics 
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Support 
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  • Interactive Systems- Plan Left
  • Interactive Systems- Plan Left

Who They Are

Interactive Systems is a business based in Middle Tennessee that offer technology systems to handle any client needs. Their systems range from residental needs, like outdoor music and services, to more commercial systems, like smart boards. They believe that "rock solid technology systems [need to be] incredibly easy to operate and understand". 

What They Needed

They needed help optimizing their graphics, giving them a customized sizing to fit their slideshow. Interactive Systems needed a support system that would allow them to grow the online site with the growth of their company and make sure search engines would recognize their site before their competitors. 

How We Helped

We gave them a customizable CMS platform that they could expand on when the time came to include other services and graphics. We optimized their current graphics to fit the theme of their site in a more effective way. The support package we gave them offers constant contact with our technical staff and ensures all inquiries are handled in an productive, efficient manner. 

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