Hurdle Land & Realty

  • Creation of Drupal Site
  • Branding Development Support
  • Ongoing Social Media Support 
  • Individualized Content Curation
  • Ongoing Support of Website Management
  • Ongoing Creative Support
  • Interactive Link Building Support 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Ongoing Support of Partner Site Pages
  • Testimonials Page 
  • Other
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  • Hurdle land & Realty-Plan Left
  • Hurdle land & Realty-Plan Left

Who They Are

Hurdle Land & Realty is a southeast agricultural real estate company who offer owner financing at a fixed interest rate. Hurdle works under the philosophy that everyone should have their piece of the American dream, owning your own land. They don't run credit checks and you are able to get a loan through them. 

What They Needed

Hurdle needed updated graphics and help with their interactive marketing to effectively connect with their target audience. Their brand needed to be redeveloped and their content needed to be more individualized to make them more noticeable from a search engine standpoint. 

How We Helped

We built them a Drupal site that offers support of their partner site pages. Our continued creative support makes sure that their graphics stay updated and relevant to the land that they are offering. Their interactive marketing is updated on a regular basis so that Hurdle maintains consistent connectivity to their audience. 

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