Humanities Chapter 16

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Who They Are

Humanities of Tennessee Chapter 16 is an organization of Tennessee readers and writers. They focus on representing new and up-and-coming writers in the community by posting their essays and poems. Chapter 16 is a organization that wants to promote the literary arts in and around Tennessee. 

What They Needed

Humanities of Tennessee Chapter 16 needed ongoing technical and creative support for their site. They needed to host their podcasts and other features on a reliable system that would allow them to grow with their organization. Chapter 16 needed to be able to continually update their site so that their fans could have the most current literature available.

How We Helped

We provide ongoing technical support that enables Chapter 16 to make regular updates to their podcasts and hosting works of new writers.  Chapter 16 is hosted on our Scalable Business Class Servers for optimal performance and reliability.

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