Hillhouse Naturals

  • Custom Support Package
  • Custom Hosting Package
  • Expandable CMS Platform 
  • Management of ECommerce
  • Expanded Content Curation
  • Expanded Product Pages
  • Ongoing Creative Support 
  • Hillhouse Naturals- Plan Left
  • Hillhouse Naturals- Plan Left
  • Hillhouse Naturals- Plan Left

Who They Are

Hillhouse Naturals is a family owned company that specializes in fragrance products. Hillhouse is sold at stores and online at www.hillhousenaturals.com

What They Needed

Hillhouse came to us needing technical, creative and E-Commerce support. Their need for technical support included ongoing site maintenance to ensure problems were handled quickly in order to not disrupt e-commerce sales. Hillhouse needed creative support so they could continually update their product pages so the website customer could always purchase the newest product. 

How We Helped

We personalized a unique hosting package to fit their needs that included website maintenance, E-Commerce support and an expandable content management platform to support future company growth. Our ongoing creative and content support ensures that Hillhouse stays current on their product curation while giving them unique product pages to separate them from their competitors. Our hosting packages gives them constanct site management to ensure everything runs smoothly for the site visitors from start to end. 

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