Haytko & Associates

  • Custom Built Wordpress site
  • Customized Collaterial Design, including Logo
  • Created expandable CMS platform for company growth
  • Search Engine Optimizaton Support 
  • Ongoing Technical Support 
  • Tutorials for Client Inbound Marketing 
  • Haytko- Plan Left
  • Haytko- Plan Left
  • Haytko- Plan Left

Who They Are

Haytko and Associates is a financial and business leadership consulting firm. Haytko is a consulting CFO firm that deals mainly with small to medium sized businesses with his services being offered on a part-time, project based or interim basis. 

What They Needed

Haytko needed all updated custom collateral design that represented the company. They needed an expandable site to handle the accelerated growth of the company and help so they could continue to update their inbound marketing posts.  

How We Helped

We gave them a customized logo and other collateral design that was specific to them and their services. They received tutorials so that they could take a more personal approach to updating their inbound marketing posts and learn the tools needed to effectively update their services. Haytko gets continual technical and creative support. 

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