Grove Aesthetic Photography

  • Custom Design of Drupal Site 
  • Customized Photo Galleries 
  • Ongoing Support for Client Content Curation 
  • Tutorial of Resources for Photo Edits 
  • Tutorials for ongoing Data Management 
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Grove Aesthetic- Plan Left
  • Grove Aesthetic- Plan Left
  • Grove Aesthetic- Plan Left

Who They Are

Grove Aesthetic is "a dream come true" for Alison Kletecka's photography company. Her nature based photography is a tool for her to truly appreciate the life she has lives and helps her to 'see' that everything is an inspiration you just have to be open to the message. 

What They Needed

Alison needed a website that would allow her to continual new examples of her work and allow her to make live photo edits to fit her customized photo gallery. She needed a site that would be unique so she could stand out from other online, competitor sites. Grove site needed to be able to be updated consistently with client content and graphics.  

How We Helped

We built her a site that could expand with new graphics and content. We gave her a customized slideshow so viewers could see the uniqueness in her photography and created a customized site that is specific for her creative needs. We continue to give her technical support to address any site needs that she is unable to manage on her own.   

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