Green Pastures Landscaping

  • Custom Design of Drupal Business Site 
  • Custom Professionally generated Photos
  • Custom Slideshow Functions specific to site needs 
  • Tailored Custom Service Landing Pages to match company design format
  • Design of Testimonial Page 
  • Custom Contact Us Page Design 
  • Ongoing Support for Search Engine Optimization 
  • Corporate
  • Green Pastures Landscape Company - Plan Left
  • Green Pastures Landscape Company - Plan Left
  • Green Pastures Landscape Company - Plan Left

Who they are

Green Pastures Landscaping is a full service landscaping company that has served the middle Tennessee area around Nashville, TN since 1992. There philosophy is to deliver beautiful properties with extraordinary service. They view landscaping as a step by step process that involves taking steps now to see the results tomorrow. 

What they needed

Green Pastures needed updated collateral design along with updated, customized graphics. They needed custom landing pages that would be cohesive with their design theme and professionally tailored photographs that would show the beauty of their property scaping. 

How we helped

We overhauled their current graphics and customized additonal photography to fit their slideshow function. We made their pages consistent with the homepage design and gave them a custom testimonial page so their services could have a better promotional foundation. Our custom designed Contact Us page gives prospective clients a clearer idea of what Green Pastures is all about. 

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