The First Chair

  • Custom, Expandable Wordpress Site 
  • Customized Brand Theme
  • Customized Site Design 
  • Provided resources for Client Generated Content Posts 
  • Link Generation for Donations 
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance and Support
  • Non-Profit
  • The First Chair - Plan Left
  • The First Chair - Plan Left
  • The First Chair - Plan Left

Who They Are

The First Chair is a non-profit that takes under privileged children and teaches them the mechanics of skiing and snowboarding. It facilitates the funding, outfitting and transportation of all the children who are a part of their program. First Chair is based in Utah but hopes to grow to the national level. 

What They Needed

First Chair needed an original site that would be able to expand with their hope of going to the national level. Customized brand developed was also needed so that they could follow a standard that their organizaton could adopt and use to build their program upon. They needed interactive links that connected the site viewers who believed in their cause to a place where donations could be submitted. 

How We Helped

We gave The First Chair a unique site that presented their image in an informative way. Their site is able to expand with their growth and offers interactive links so donations could be made. We created a customized brand theme so their audiences can recognize them using more than just their graphics. 

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