Christie's Flooring

  • Brand Development
  • Custom Design of Drupal Site 
  • Custom Collateral Design, including Logo
  • Custom Landing Pages 
  • Customized Accordian Menu Design with Navigation
  • Custom Slideshow and Link Integration
  • Customized Content for Services and Products 
  • Ongoing Support for Search Engine Optimization 
  • Corporate
  • Christie's Flooring - Plan Left
  • Christie's Flooring - Plan Left
  • Christie's Flooring - Plan Left

Who they are

Christie's is a Nashville based family owned custom flooring company that offer the best quality products on the market. They work with both residential and commercial spaces and believe that each job has the same importance whether it's for a big company or someones living room. 

What they needed

Christie's needed an orginial site that could be built quickly to take advantage of the companies increased traffic. They needed company collateral designs and more brand development for promotions. 

How we helped

We re-branded the company, giving them all new collateral - from business cards to vinyls for their trucks. We designed an expandable website and gave them custom content for search engine optimization. Their custom accordian menu design has orginal navigation to make it easier for the viewer to find what they're looking for. 

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