This travel + tourism bureau saw a 253%+ traffic increase thanks to our TURN RIGHT tourism software

Seeking to increase website traffic and provide a better UX, Visit Humphreys, a travel and tourism bureau, contracted Plan Left Digital Partners for a proposed website redesign. By implementing Plan Left’s own proprietary Turn Right tourism software, Visit Humphreys experienced exponential visitor growth.

Project Highlights

→ As a comprehensive digital partner agency, Plan Left served in a multitude of roles with the Visit Humphreys brand. In addition to website design, development, and proprietary software implementation, Plan Left also provided a variety of marketing and advertising services, along with technical support like hosting, security, and maintenance. 


→ Visit Humphreys, in partnership with Plan Left, underwent a total brand refresh. Backed by down-to-earth, understandable data, we were able to revitalize their marketing and advertising strategy to increase organic and paid traffic. 


→ Plan Left’s creative team produced a variety of engaging content for Visit Humphreys. Using a data-driven approach to keyword research and topic analysis, we’re able to curate highly effective content that stays evergreen and drives in new visitors year over year. 


→ Plan Left implemented a custom Drupal CMS that allows Visit Humphreys to create and share their own content. By making it easier for the client to produce their own content, the VH team was able to take an active role in improving their search engine rankings, page views, and overall traffic.

Users Up


Sessions Up


Views Up


The Challenge

Visit Humphreys approached Plan Left for a site redesign because their website was not mobile responsive, which limited access to potential website visitors. The site had never been optimized for search, and it had a disorganized menu structure, making it difficult for new users to find the site, and difficult to navigate once they arrived. The backend was clunky and over-complicated, making it almost impossible for the Visit Humphries team to update the website internally. These difficulties left the Visit Humphreys website lacking critical travel and tourism content like calendar events, image sharing, or blog posts. 


Without the ability to easily manage, curate, or share their own content, the Visit Humphreys web presence was in serious jeopardy.

The Solution

Plan Left’s solution was to implement an Enterprise Class CMS platform and toolkit, our proprietary Turn Right travel and tourism software. This solution is built to scale from one person to large teams, specifically for the travel and tourism industry. Turn Right was a perfect fit for Visit Humphreys’ needs, and because of its scalability, left a lot of room for growth and evolution within their organization. 


Turn Right Logo


The Result

After curating and editing the content from the previous website to be transferred onto the new site, Plan Left initiated a new content sprint. We developed new content in the form of itineraries for various interests and activities, including a calendar/events system that helps visitors find events that interest them. This content curation, in addition to the SEO tools available with the new CMS system, resulted in enormous growth for the brand.


Website users increased by nearly 106% 


Website sessions increased by nearly 118%


Pageviews increased by more than 253%

What’s the Plan Left advantage?

→ Plan Left Digital provides dynamic, scalable services that are tailored specifically to fit our clients’ unique needs. 


→ Plan Left’s job is to help our partners achieve their goals using customized solutions for unparalleled results. 


→ By utilizing our expertise we improved the functionality of the website, enabling Visit Humphreys to interact and engage with a new and bigger audience. 


→ By listening to our client, we were able to build a custom CMS that makes it easy for Visit Humphreys to connect with their audience in a variety of ways. 


→ By implementing our proprietary Turn Right travel software, we helped Visit Humphreys traffic grow at an exponential rate, driving new visitors to the website month-over-month. 


→ By augmenting the Visit Humphreys staff with Plan Left team members, we turned our experts into their experts. This inclusive approach ensured that all deadlines were met, all assignments were achieved, and every key performance indicator was exceeded—some by more than 100% over the initial goal. 


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