Case Study: Swaggerty’s Sausage Company
Drupal development helped this familiar household brand grow 258% in just 3 years

Through several initiatives introduced by Plan Left, the Swaggerty’s brand experienced an unprecedented period of growth. These initiatives, led by Plan Left’s custom Drupal development, allowed Swaggerty’s to connect in new ways with their customers, distributors, and brand partners. This increased visibility opened new channels for exposure, engagement, and sales growth.

Project Highlights

In addition to immense growth in website performance, Swaggerty’s has experienced 20% growth in income year over year for the last five years.

The bottom line is: Swaggerty's Sausage Company, Inc.’s bottom line is growing, and this is a direct result of the control, flexibility, and marketing capabilities their Drupal website design and development from Plan Left offers.

Revenue Up


Users Up


Sessions Up


Views Up


The Problem

The previous website development for Swaggerty’s consisted of a proprietary storefront built on a Cold Fusion foundation. Built and maintained on a strict budget over the course of several years, the website couldn’t—and didn’t—evolve as better technology became available.


Plan Left performed a comprehensive technical audit of Swaggerty’s front-end site, prioritizing the brand’s need to have total control and ownership over all assets, updates, changes, and communication through the CMS. 


Plan Left’s technical audit exposed a number of issues affecting the brand, the most pressing being the proprietary nature of the Cold Fusion website, which left the brand at the mercy of a single developer. 


Based on the results of our audit, Swaggerty’s contracted Plan Left to develop a strong, functional CMS that could be leveraged as a strategic marketing asset. This decision made available a host of new possibilities for the brand

The Solution

Swaggerty’s wanted the ability to post, edit, create, and curate content in-house, without hiring and managing their own development team. 


Plan Left developed a custom Drupal framework that would provide user-friendly features and functionality, while leaving plenty of room for future development.


In addition to the new site, Plan Left delivered dynamic retail and food-service product catalogs for Swaggerty’s, with respective B2C and B2B emphases. 


The new product catalogs gave Swaggerty’s access to new audiences, customers, distributors, and brand partners. The product catalogs brought more organic traffic to the site, driving engagement and CTR across all channels. 


Plan Left’s SEO team worked directly with Swaggerty’s to create new content calendars, topic ideas, and an SEO content checklist. 


Our data-driven keyword research and analysis gave the Swaggerty’s team an easy-to-understand guide to the top keywords in their market, both for customer-facing content and B2B marketing materials

The Result

→ Our custom Drupal development gave our client total control over their digital content.

→ The client can easily access and navigate their own marketing assets

→ The client can easily create and curate new marketing materials. 

→ The client can easily publish new pages, products, recipes, and other consumer-friendly content.

→ Within the first year, the client experienced an increase in website traffic, along with higher search engine rankings, and a broader, more diverse audience. 

→ 290%+ growth in overall sessions

→ 181%+ increase in pageviews

254%+ increase in new users

→​​​​​​​ 20% revenue growth year-over-year since we deployed the new website

The Bottom Line

Plan Left delivered a custom Drupal website that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.  Our Drupal development gave our client the marketing control, content flexibility, and system capabilities they were looking for, while leaving plenty of room for future growth.

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