Case Study: Swaggerty’s Customer Loyalty Program with CRM Landmark

Plan Left used custom marketing automation development to build a customer loyalty program that revolutionized the way Swaggerty’s Sausage Company interacts with their customers.

Project Highlights

→ Design a loyalty program that allows Swaggerty’s to improve customer relationships
→ Create a loyalty hub that incentivizes customers for repeat purchases
→ Make it easy for Swaggerty’s to create new promotions, sales, and coupons
→ Create an email marketing funnel with custom campaign assets
→ Remarketing toolkit to help Swaggerty’s improve repeat business and brand loyalty
→ Special “VIP” recipes, coupons, and promotions for repeat customers

The Problem

Affordable marketing automation is often cobbled together from various affordable and/or free programs, leading to disconnects between specific tasks and an inability to accurately measure results for the purposes of improvement. Swaggerty's Sausage Company, Inc. needed an affordable marketing automation program that included all the necessary components and offered the ability to customize not just individual pieces of the process, but the entire strategy as a whole.

The solution

Plan Left’s CRM Landmark marketing automation focused on all necessary components for the marketing automation Swaggerty's needed. These components included:

  • Text enablement and push notifications
  • Email marketing funnels with custom email newsletters and campaign designs
  • Dynamic CTAs and custom landing pages
  • Web and mobile app accessibility
  • Dynamic website content
  • Smart opt-in forms
  • Custom rules

Plan Left developed a custom loyalty hub and incentive program to give Swaggerty’s new opportunities for marketing and remarketing to their consumer base. Using CRM Landmark, Plan Left developed an immersive marketing automation experience that includes customer dashboards, a direct-mail database, dynamic coupon integrations, and a content hub that allows users to pull assets from multiple databases.

The Results

→ Plan Left’s marketing automation and loyalty hub opened new opportunities for our client to connect with their customers, offering keen insights into the Swaggerty’s customer experience. 

→ The loyalty program makes it easy for Swaggerty’s internal team to analyze the customer journey and identify new opportunities for marketing and remarketing. By utilizing a rewards-based coupon system, we incentivized repeat customers to grow the Swaggerty’s bottom line. 

→ The new loyalty program integrates seamlessly with Swaggerty’s own custom Drupal website. By combining the best features of CRM Landmark and Drupal CMS, we gave our client the tools and data they need to grow their brand in new and exciting ways.

→ By offering gated features like special members-only recipes and “secret” coupons and promotions, we incentivize Swaggerty’s customers to purchase again and again in order to unlock additional special features. 

→ Swaggerty’s internal team now has access to an ever-growing direct-mail database where they can interact through messaging, push notifications, and email blasts to share exclusive content, deals, and membership perks.

→ The new loyalty program allows Swaggerty’s internal team to generate automatic expiration dates for coupons, create custom sign-up forms at various entry points, and user-defined granular segmenting to reach specific demographics and user groups with micro-campaigns and remarketing opportunities

→ Because CRM Landmark is open source and built for customization, there’s plenty of room for new features down the line. As our client’s business grows, we can add new and exciting features based on any number of parameters.

The Bottom Line

By partnering with Plan Left, Swaggerty's Sausage Company is experiencing a new era of growth and customer relationship management, without the need to hire and manage an internal development team.

By turning our experts into their experts, Swaggerty's is reaping the benefits of the data-driven marketing experience.

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