Case Study: Building the Swaggerty's Sausage Mobile App

Plan Left’s mobile app development service helped this familiar household brand revolutionize their B2B communication, leading to increased sales and revenue

Project Highlights

→ Swaggerty’s needed a unified communication tool for their distribution network

→ Using an Ionic framework powered by a Laravel backend, we built an app that’s light, fast, functional, and future-proof

→ Push notifications and group messaging streamline internal communication

→ The app’s built-in marketing hub gives Swaggerty’s B2B partners easy access to crucial marketing assets

→ Swaggerty’s reports unprecedented communication with their brand partners

→ Better relationships with brand partners leads to increases in sales and distribution

The Problem

Swaggerty’s reported difficulty with communicating with their distribution partners

Without a central communication platform, Swaggerty’s had no way to communicate with large B2B user groups. 

Outgoing communications were decentralized, and often would result in missed calls, emails being diverted to spam, or undelivered text messages.  

As a result of these communication issues, distributors and retailers missed important announcements regarding price changes, new marketing content, sales, promotions, changes to product details and more.

The Solution

Build a custom mobile app that can be used by Swaggerty’s that can 

  • Manage outgoing B2B communications in a central location
  • Manage incoming B2B communications in a central location
  • Manage marketing assets and make them available to B2B partners in a central location 
  • Give Swaggerty’s B2B partners real time access to new brand and product information
  • Make it possible to send announcements to partner groups in the form of push notifications
  • Improve relationships with distribution partners
  • Improve relationships with retail partners

Using a Laravel base, the initial development of the app would be made easier through the use of developer tools which could speed development for cost and time savings. This app development could also include a web-facing version built on a Laravel framework.

The Result

Through the use of the app, Swaggerty's can now use in-app messaging and push notifications to convey important information to distributors, vendors, and retailers


Information sharing enabled product detail accessibility


Swaggerty's now has the ability to notify retailers when there are changes to product details, including packaging or nutrition information based on supply/demand changes.


The app also serves as a marketing and branding hub where retailers can access the latest content, designs, and other marketing assets for use in their stores. That information can be imported easily with the content management system within the Swaggerty's app.


Because the app was built on an open-source Ionic platform, Swaggerty's could enjoy cross-platform compatibility and a lower cost of development and ownership.


Finally, users could log in with social accounts, eliminating the need to remember yet another username and password, which encourages adoption and regular use of the app.


Through several initiatives by Plan Left Digital Partners, the Swaggerty’s brand experienced a period of unprecedented growth in sales, revenue, distribution, and brand awareness.


The bottom line is: Swaggerty's Sausage Company, Inc.’s bottom line is growing, and this is a direct result of the control, flexibility, and marketing capabilities the proprietary app design and development from Plan Left offers. 


→ The app serves as a marketing and branding hub where B2B partners can access Swaggerty’s marketing assets, logos, recipes, images, and videos

→ App users get unprecedented access to product details, marketing assets, health and safety announcements, and supply chain updates

→ Social profile login feature makes it easier for brand partners to log in and use the app

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