Branding and Brand Standards

  • What is your brand?
  • Have you had a Brand Consultation?
  • Does your audience recognize what your company offers?
  • Are there guidelines in place on how your team communicates with each other, potential clients, existing clients, vendors, etc?
  • Are there guidelines in place on how you are visually represented?

A brand standard is a document in which your company is dissected and reviewed at every level of communication. Setting up your brand standard is the first step in implementing brand use for anyone that is a part of your brands’ communication so you can achieve the desired experience with the audience your brand reaches. Whether in the boardroom, on a billboard, or in a pitch to potential clients, a brand standard identifies how to communicate and present your brand to an audience of one or hundreds of thousands.

When you establish a standard for how you communicate and with whom you communicate, that first impression will consistently leave your audience with the lasting impression you want them to have. Setting up your brand and starting those conversations is the first step, but it is crucial to maintaining and grow.

From the logo design, to the website, to the positioning on a banner when you sponsor your kids’ school walk-a-thon, your brand must be presented in a professional manner that always leads people back to your firm.

Plan Left can help establish the brand standard and ensure that every time your brand is seen, your audience finds a consistent and professional image that matches the services your firm provides.


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