kanye west roasts sandals yeezy
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Let it never be said that Kanye West can’t take a joke at his own expense. The rapper, who was hauled over the Twitter-coals for wearing tiny YEEZY slides to 2 Chainz’ wedding, has corrected his sizing faux pas — and then some.

West tweeted the two pictures above of himself wearing a comically oversized version of the slides (either that or he has shrunk dramatically), asking, “are the slides big enough?” And if that wasn’t enough, he upped the ante with a massive — albeit super-cozy-looking — pair of YEEZY Boost slippers.

Of course, if you feed the trolls, expect them to bite, with Twitter diving in with its hot takes on Kanye’s well delivered self-roast.

Kanye West, comedy pioneer

Probably a bit serious, dude

BSE is the new BDE

Float on

Got that Mickey swag

Or is it Smurf chic?

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Elsewhere, Kanye West is in Chicago working on the new Chance the Rapper album.

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